Does Longhorn beef taste different from other beef? Yes it does a bit. It has a ‘beefier’ taste to it. This is most evident, we think, in the hamburger.

How do I cook it? See our tips page…but avoid overcooking! Grass-fed Longhorn beef cooks in about half the time of grain fed beef.

Are Longhorns mean? No! Actually they are quite nice. Smart too! The mama cows are very protective though so always beware of the horns

Why don’t I see more Longhorn beef available? A Longhorn steer yields about 30 percent less meat than a grass-fed angus steer and takes about 4 months longer to grow therefore the costs are higher. Also the rancher needs special handling facilities for cattle with long horns. Most ranchers will not be willing to take that kind of pay cut.

Is your beef local to me? Why does that matter? Yes, if you live in the SF Bay area we are local to you. We think it matters because local = sustainable.

What is offal and what would I do with it? Offal is the term for the various organ meats and the odd bits. All are edible. Heart, liver, kidneys, tongue, tripe. Check out a few recipes and try something new!

If I get bones, what would I do with them? Beef bones are cut to manageable lengths by the butcher. You won’t get a cow leg! Some are marrow bones which may be roasted and the marrow spooned out as a delicacy. All bones may be roasted and boiled for beef stock. Knuckle and marrow bones (raw) are great for dogs!

Will you ship out of state? No, I’m sorry. We are a local farm-to-table ranch

Why is all your retail meat frozen? Can I get it fresh? If we had our own butcher shop we could provide you with fresh meat but we aren’t there yet. Because our meat is cut by a USDA meat processing plant all at once the best way to preserve the meat is to package and freeze immediately. We haven’t noticed any detriment to the flavor and have even eaten that ‘lost steak’ from 4 years ago that was still fabulous.

Is your beef organic? No. We are not a certified organic farm as per the government’s certification program. yet. However, our pastures are not sprayed or chemically fertilized nor otherwise polluted. We use organic practices in our pastures and on our cattle. We just aren't certified. We believe in Mother Nature!

Where do Longhorns come from? Mama Longhorns of course! Actually, they are descended from Spanish or Iberian cattle that came over with Spanish settlers. Prized for their endurance and ability to fend for themselves they once numbered in the thousands in California, Texas and Mexico before becoming almost extinct. By buying longhorn beef you are insuring that the breed survives and thrives!